Veronique a.k.a K.k.Love is a Canadian/Cameroonian singer-songwriter and performer who has been singing for more than 5 years . With her soothing voice and her transcendent presence, she imposes herself through inspiring texts speaking of some of her personal and spiritual experiences. Her aim is to use her music, melodies and lyrics will refresh, uplift and inspire you in every way.
Veronique’s music career began in college, it was at this time that she began dancing and singing in a choir as well as a few competitions. She continued to experiment in the world of music in larger choirs and in front of numerous live audiences before releasing her debut single “NSHM” (Nothing Shall Hinder Me) in 2017. A dental assistant and registered nurse in Canada, the singer with multiple talents is also a director. The fullness of her heart overflows in her songs.
Through her music, Veronique will bring you a feeling of peace, love, hope and calm. Her most sincere wish is to transmit through her words, the wisdom and benevolence of GOD, his spiritual guide .
Her new single “I Am God” is set to drop tomorrow . While Anticipating this beautiful song , subscribe to her YouTube Channel below
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