Founder of FOC international ministries, Apostle JP M Dinayen has recently been seen meeting with some upcoming and established musicians in his home country Cameroon.It has been said that the main reason for these meetings back home is to help young aspiring artists to showcase their talent worldwide by opening a record label and hosting the 1st ever talent search in Cameroon
He confirmed this by saying the following :
“I have seen a lot of talent in the country that needs to be heard and seen worldwide. Many artists in Cameroon have outstanding talents but they are not seen because financial constraints. This is why I am opening the studio where they can have a platform that will assist them to move closer to their goals”
The Main Aim is to give a platform to these young artists to express themselves and their genre of music doesn’t matter in this scenario as long as it doesn’t promote hate .
More on this issue will be coming to you very soon but for now ,what are your thoughts about this idea ?