The South African-based Cameroonian Prophet went back home to donate groceries and money to the internally displaced people, underprivileged families and also extended his help to 2 orphanages.
While many are impressed by the cleric for this good work, many criticize him for publishing it on social media. When interviewed by our team member, Apostle JP responded by saying: “charity is my calling, we have been doing charity for over 5 years now. The reason we feel the need to publish our charity is to simply inspire others to do the same, but most importantly to also motivate people who can donate towards this work. It is not for fame as many say, I am an international speaker hence I am already well-known“.
Much of his charity is focused on helping widows and orphans, over the years Apostle JP has travelled all over Africa to give cash donations, food and clothing to those in need but this time was especially important to him because it was his first time giving in his home country Cameroon.
Many have argued that this is only a media stunt, many say he is an inspiration and symbol of hope for this generation: what do you say about Apostle JP M DINAYEN?