As we entered into 2022 , we never saw ourselves writing such an article due to the multitudinous amount of events occurring In the In the Industry

However, we cannot let the stubborn fly get into the grave .
The Amount of Disrespect currently in the Entertainment Industry is rising faster than the Ebola Virus Outbreak in 2014.

A Humonguos problem which increases at a geometric rate . Especially after the futile Cacophony which is occurring on our social media space after the unfortunate demise of our brother Fhish

Comedians want to tell artist how to sing, fans want to tell artist how to dress and bloggers how and what to write,
Some Up rising artists want support from established artists and stakeholders but are in comment sections insulting them always.
Every one Pointing fingers at each other . The whole Industry playing a nonsensical blame game on who attended or didn’t attend an event .
Who cried more than who .What this one did or didn’t do

It’s a cloudy messy loop of disrespect.
The last born of a house can not just talk any how when there is a family meeting, there has to be order for a family to grow .

It will always be a Castastrophy when a young entertainer disregards an elder in the Industry. Someone they should be learning from .

In Every Iota of Disrespect, Lies an Iota of Fear, Jealousy, Contempt or Hate which cannot be used for the growth of a career not to talk of an entire Industry

If We can’t Have Order, Hierarchy, A High Regard for Longetivity , Experience and Value , We shall be like A Bus being pushed by 2 15 year old kids . Such a Bus will always take 1 step forward and 5 steps backward

All we demand from everyone is to remove the “Dis” from Disrespect and Spray it like a graffiti artist on the 4 corners of every wall of this Entertainment Industry .

After all
Together we stand , Divided we fall