The Cameroon Rap Industry is a very tough and competitive one .Rap Music was hardly accepted before the rise of urban music in Cameroon .However due to the efforts of many rappers from KROTAL to Jovi and Stanley Enow , Rap music has now been highly appreciated in Cameroon.
Fast forward to today and you see that although rap music is accepted by the general public , its fan base is not as huge as that of Afro, Mbole or Bikutsi and as such ,The profitability of this genre won’t be as huge as that of the ones mentioned above. This is actually the main reason rappers switch to singing .
In many industries , the most bankable artists are singers. If we made a list of hit songs from Cameroon last year , you will notice that most of these songs weren’t rap songs but jingles.
This will tell why a Rapper like Stanley Enow will release a song like “King Kong” and won’t have as much success compared to a musical project like “My Way” or Ko-c who will release a song like “President du Rapublic” but won’t have as much success as when he releases a song like “Calecon”.
And given that at the end of the day,the goal is to make money and be successful, it’s easy to see why most rappers switch to singing because statistics prove that singing is a more profitable skill than rap in Cameroon.
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