The Leader of The” La Resistance Movement “ Maahlox Officiel has struck again & this time he came for both Cameroonian striker Clinton Njie & Cross Dresser Shakiro on his new song ” Le Danger”
Maahlox first talks about Clinton Njie as he says that :
” When the Coach gives a penalty to clinton Njie to kick , he is putting the country in danger”
This line could be related to Clinton Njie’s Crucial AFCON 2021 Semi – Final Penalty miss against Egypt . The player had faced so much criticism due to such a miss & Maahlox had to show his disappointment with the above incident by rapping about it on his song.
Maahlox later on talks about Cross- Dresser “Shakiro” as he says that :
” A Man who is sleeping in the same room with Shakiro is putting his butt@cks in danger”
Meaning any male around he/she can easily be s£xually @assaulted or raped & so he won’t advise anyone to be near the cross-dresser
What do you make of these comments by Maahlox ? Did he go too far with the above lines ? Let us know your thoughts below
Listen to “Le Danger ” :