Cameroonian Rapper Maahlox hits out at Kerozen and his record label Emma Dobre Prod for attempting to damage Cameroon’s image .
How ?
Kerozen was set to host a concert this 11th Febuary in Douala but however his team Emma Dobre Prod released a Statement saying the concert had been suspended because of the Ivory Coast Vs Cameroon Problem and so they will rather wait for such an issue to calm down as they aren’t sure about how Cameroonians will receive them

Emma Dobre Prod’s Statement

This didn’t sit well with Maahlox because according to him , all that is Non$ense. He says they are just looking for an excuse and they didn’t want to perform in the 1st place .
Maahlox goes further to say the real reason they have suspended this concert is because they have already been paid for it and as such are trying to escape with the organizer’s money
He says Kerozen is a very dishonest artist and extends that even during the cold war between both countries ,numerous Ivorians came to Cameroon and nothing happened to them
Maahlox defends his country as he says Cameroonians are not barbarians and are a very welcoming set of people and that if they don’t want to sing , let them return the organizer’s money and stop destroying Cameroon’s image .

Maahlox’s Statement