Valentine’s Day was a special day for Kumba as the  every person in that City had a smile on their faces going home . They got to see their brothers who had made it in the world and decided to celebrate with them .

This was also the Case for Ko-c ‘s as he gave his people hope,made them know anything us achievable and most importantly him and his colleagues blessed The City of Kumba with Good music .In the lines to come, we are going to be looking at  Ko-c’s Homecoming Concert and How it went by .

Ko-c ,Tzy Panchak ,Big G ,Kameni ,Blaise B ,Arrived Kumba on the 13th Of Febuary and the concert commenced the next day by 2 o’clock with general ambiance of the public.  Early kick off performances began with young upcoming artist climbing the stage to present a teaser of what was about to come in the concert .

After about an hour,Show Yoh and Martin NewSongz kicked off the concert in a professional level with both artist performing “Show Yoh my nigga” and “Olopa” respectively  .The crowd were happy receiving them and later on ,the show finally kicked off .

Host General Toxic introduced the 1st main artist to perform which was King Kum. He debuted his performance with his very promising new single “Block You” . Then later on did an acapella of the song “your grace”  and later rounded up his performance with scintillating freestyle about the things happening in his town Kumba . He touched the hearts of everyone including the mayor of kumba with this freestyle . After that . He exited the stage and the show had begun .


  • Ko-C :

After King Kum performed , along came as the Duo got on stage with so much energy as the performed their sing “Bizarre” . You could see them performing numerous dance moves with their dancers .You could also see them running and repeating with the crowd and as they rounded up, they shared a few gifts to the population of kumba which left everyone happy as general toxic was about introducing the next act.



After General Toxic’ Introduction to the public,Along came Blaise B running towards the public as everyone was struggling to touch him while he performed his debut single “Eposi” which was a great scene to watch with the eye .As he mounted the stage, he switched up to “Clando” as fans where thrilled listening to this old classic and rounded up his performance with “Mr Romantic”.



She came in as the only queen of the stage as she literally owned it as she performed her song “Boss” .You could literally hear every fan singing her song word for word .She later on switched to “Ghetto”  and then performed “Tomber” ,”Ghetto” and “Nayo Nayo “ as fans where trying to touch her .the impact she made as she left the stage was unforgettable.

Kameni on Stage in Kumba

  • BIG G:

The unsung hero from Kumba finally returned as Big G was the breaking point where the show actually went to another level. Before performing, He told the security to let his people feel free and not stop them from being with him. In the middle of the crowd untop of a convertible car,Big G started performing and the energy was the most intense we could see in this concert. The people could sing his songs like they were practicing in the choir together . From Start to finish of this performance,the energy was never low as he switched songs, from “Confusion “ ,to, “E dey Pain me” to “Suspect me “ .Every one was happy to see Big G.



During the little break before seeing the main artist of this concert, the mayor had a word with the general public as he talked about his plans for the city and the things they need to change in the city .



Blue Nation soldier was introduced ready for the crowd already as he nearly came out of his vehicle to hug his people .As he arrived on scene , He performed most of his popular songs like “Na so”, “Mad for Your love “ ,”My way”  etc.  The crowd were so active on his performance in such a way that numerous people were running past security to come hug or salute Tzy Panchak .he rounded up by thanking the people of kumba for their attention and time .

  • KO-C:

The main Artist of the concert was finally introduced as he came with his hand up as a sign of unity and peace .As he mounted the stage ,debuting his performances with “Sango “ and going to “Balance” then to “Bollo c7 Bollo” . He then told his story to the people of how he was selling wine just at a store next to the venue there in Kumba and that if he could do it, then so could any of them then later on resumed his performances with “Calecon” ,”Mon Pala Pala”  . He was so excited to be with his people until he even jumped onto of the crowd .

Ko-c on stage

It was a good concert overall as the most importantly everyone went back home smiling .The artist gave in their best and the crowd participated well enough to make it a wonderful night in Kumba . Everyone wishes to have more nights like these in t