Happy Valentine’s Day to all www.237showbiz.com followers with lots of love from us to you, we decided to bring forth you guys a countdown of music videos that speak love. Check out the countdown below. Have a lovely day and we wish you nothing but a blissful Val’s Day. Don’t forget to drop your comments below.

10. Tzy Panchak – Stay With Me

On our tenth spot is Blu Nation’s finest Tzy Panchak with the soul touching video Stay With Me. The message speaks mostly of commitment in other words staying together as one. Video was shot by Mr. Adrenaline.


9. Dynastie Le Tigré – Dingue de toi

Number 9 on our TOP 10 Videos that speaks love is Dingue De Toi by Papa Dynastie as he portrays his love for his girl in the lyrics. He also declares his love for her till eternity.


8. Ténor – Bad Things

Bad things by Tenor gets our 8th spot. Many couples on Val’s day tend to get dirty towards the end of the day. This is one song they’ll need to use to start up that spark! We can’t count the number of Bad Things going down tonight.


7. Locko – Sawa Romance

You can’t have a beautiful Val’s day without ending it with Romance. In order not to make it look like tribalism, everyone is allowed to go with their respective tribes but Locko’s Sawa Romance is the official song and theirs the cover. He takes our 7th spot.


6. Salatiel – Toi et Moi

Val’s day is a day for lovers. It can only be for two parties. You and Me, He and She, Toi et Moi. Sticking together at all times no matter the stormy weathers. When it’s time to slow dance after that romantic dinner coupled with fine wine, this is the track that speaks the love. He takes our 6th spot.


5. Daphne – Calée

Calée by Daphne takes the 5th spot. When love takes over, no matter the consequences, the risks involved, you just have to keep loving. Hold him or her tight till dawn and never let go.


4. Mr. Leo – On Va Gérér

Love is unconditional. That’s what Leo tells us in this one and through Dr. Nkeng Stephens with the help of Adah Akenji and Artnurin, we are able to get a better understanding in moving pictures. On va gérér.


3. Daphné – Jusqu’à la gare

Love when declared is sealed, locked and the keys thrown in the mighty waters. This is what Daphne tells us in her video Jusqu’à la gare. Love should last till the end of time. The video was shot by NS Pictures.


2. Andy Jemea – Maggie

”Tika Ndolo
Tika Ndolo
Tika Ndolo”

Andy Jemea’s Maggie has always been a song for love, lovers. Val’s day and weddings. Here, Andy is asking his lover Maggie to be patient as he goes in search for greener pastures. We have relationships nowadays with the same situations. Problem is, are the waiting partners willing to wait?
It will get plays this day and many Val’s to come.


1. Charlotte Dipanda – Coucou

Who beats a legend? Absolutely Nobody. Charlotte Dipanda’s ”Coucou” is unarguably the most trending love song in recent times. Coucou, Bae, Boo, Babes, Sweetheart, Honey etc. We all have that special name we use for our partners.


Written by:
Victor Kange