KIKOH  invites  MAGASCO  on his latest video titled “MADO”


KIKOH this time around is merging his voice with EMPIRE prodigy MAGASCO on this new piece MADO. This Duo used a mixture of English, French, Francanglais and vernacular to compose this piece of art work which undisputed is full with originality. MADO  was produced, Mix and Mastered by Sr. SANGTUM at the BlueBerry City studio.


MADO  is a storyline of a day to day phenomenon in our society where some men are willing and ready to sacrifice everything they have for the love of their life no matter how small they have but in return get unfair treatment from the woman who thinks  only how to rip men off no matter how hard they try to please them just like the chorus by MAGASCO portrays it “mado a manger mon argent…E don show me pepper”.

KIKOH in his delivery lines clearly narrates some sacrifices some men go through just to put up with some girls…instances like “elle a tongo all mes dough comme l’eau tangui….she cook katti-katti  gimmi only njama-njama, water fufu and eru mami no Kanda i di ever hellep ya remeh go farm”

The storyline does not only reflect the sacrificial part men go through. We noticed in most instances as KIKOH gives credit to the overall beauty of women and how he introduces by saying he has known this girl MADO way back ”na small gah wey I sabi since forme a toutes categorie she was always in her sexy and skinny jeans”

At the end of the day MADO is all Fun as KIKOH ends by saying …”sep ndolo no dey we di saka dasso..”  meaning even without anyone to love maybe because you are unable to meet their needs or they are playing you,  just catch fun. Definitely love is in the air. This particular project is out to pave the way for what is yet to come. Working with a new director was a wonderful and new experience for the entire team.

Enjoy, download and leave a comment behind.