Let’s Talk about It !!!
We are 3 days after the AFCON pulled the curtains for a spectacular ending.Senegal Triumphed over Egypt and the Euphoria still hits like an Accident out of no where.Through this victory ,one will look at the rise of Aliou Cissé, Senegalese Head Coach who had also once defended his country’s colors against a certain Cameroon in 2002 as a player.Unfortunately for him, Winifred Schaefer‘s Indomitable Lions Triumphed that day over Senegal .
Fast Forward 13 years later ( 2015) , When Cissé was appointed as Head Coach of the Senegal National Team .
He Qualified them for the 2018 world cup ,Took them to the final of the 2019 AFCON against Algeria ( which they lost)
And Finally won The AFCON 2021 for his country . An effort which had taken him more than 20 years of his life to attain .
He has undoubtedly made Senegal a top African team
While the demands of modern football are high, Aliou Cisse’s story shows you a story of a Team who had Patience and believe towards their Coach .Which gets back to Cameroon . Cameroon in the past 20 years has had 2 Local Coaches . We have usually been hiring foreigners to guide the Indomitable Lions .Now that’s not a bad thing but when you look at things from the perspective of the World of Football , Local Coaches are the most successful acts in a country.
Egypt’s Hassan Shehata Won the AFCON with Egypt 3 times in a row
Ghana’s Charles Gyami did same with Ghana
Stephen Keshi also won the AFCON with Nigeria .
It’s not a coincidence . We could take a look at top national teams like Germany which had Joachim Low ( German Coach) in charge of la Manschaft for 14 years. Spain, Brazil,Italy ,Portugal etc. They have that believe in their own homegrown products and you will hardly see a German Coaching a Spanish National Team or Vice Versa.The reason why teams prioritize local coaches is because our local coaches have a better understanding of the culture, better understanding of the football demands of the nation and are more passionate in the job.
Most Foreign coaches look at the country like a normal job and some times can’t go an extra mile in working for the said country .
Like how an adopted child might never be loved as much as the flesh and blood of the family . The mother with everything equal prioritizes different.Cameroon has had some of the best players in the continent who are already on a coaching career and with the new generations of players coming in the country , why can’t we get our own “Aliou Cissé “ .
Thomas Nkono did a Good job for the country in 2012 , Patrick Mboma is a national hero and on paper fits the bill as not only is he respected by the players and nation, but he also has a deep understanding of African Football .
Enow Ngachu did a great job with the indomitable lionesses and given that the male lions have a better team , it’s easy to imagine the magic he can do with them.
Souleymanou Aboubakar has been dominating the Cameroon ligue with Cotonsport . Will he be able to dominate the Continent with the country ?
Given that Antonio Conceiçao is still head coach of the national team and has also had an impressive record with the lions . Its easy to understand why he is coach of the team too. But one can only wonder if the team could do better under a homegrown coach
Is it time to follow Senegal’s path,
Is it time to follow the path Egypt took from 2004 – 2012 ?
Should Cameroon forgo foreign coaches and hire homegrown Coaches ?
Should our country stick to getting coaches from abroad ?
We leave it up to you to decide