Cameroonian millionaire Victor Fotso passed away last year in Paris after being one of the most reputable businesses magnates in Cameroon for decades .
From selling groundnuts in his hometown to being a distributor for Castel drinks , to creating his own bank in “CBC” to becoming the Mayor of Bandjoun .
The journey above saw him gather so much wealth of about 200 million USD added to the fact he has a large family (121 Children, 25 Wives ) .,things were about to take a rocky turn for all after he passed away .
According to reports , he hasn’t been given a funeral even though 3.5 million USD was budgeted for his funeral . This is allegedly because of the family feud surrounding the partition of his wealth to his numerous children .
How ?
It has been reported as said above that Fotso may have allocated 3.5million USD or more for his funeral .
that was the first reason of this alleged family feud that has seen cliques formed among the combined 146 his wives and children .
Some family members suspect that some of Fotso’s other heirs want to pocket the money for themselves .
His eldest son, Roger, released a press release aimed at reminding all his relatives that their husband/father was a respected man whose legacy could not be destroyed over this issue.
Funeral funds are not the only thing splitting Fotso’s family.
There are suspicions that his last will in testament could have been forged and that issue has ended with them in court.
Yet, it does seem to that some among Fotso’s living relations feel the need to be heard now with the intention of preventing that they are lost when his wealth is shared.
State investigators have also been combing through his offices across the country for any and all relevant documents pertaining to his estates.
Other cliques in his family, led by Yves-Michel Fotso, a man who is supposed to be serving a life sentence in Cameroon but is in Morocco, are desperate to get down to the extent of Fotso real estate holdings.
Although his Funeral has been stalled , the general public keeps watching and seeing where this saga in the fotso family will lead to .
Thoughts ?