For your music video to carry the CPE logo in the beginning and Dr Nkeng Stephens at the end is a great fortune nowadays in  our still growing Cameroon music industry. If we were to give out respect to where it’s due, then we can crown Dr Nkeng Stephens as if not the best, but one of the top music video directors and filmmakers Cameroon is blessed with. Some fans call him  Cameroon’s very own Clarence A. Peters. This is as a result of his very high quality moving pictures and creativity. His hardworking team of co-directors and make-up artistes all hold hands to reproduce the magic we all have been seeing from videos in 2017 such as Qu’est-ce-qui n’a pas marche, Higher Higher and Partout all performed by Alpha Better Records magicians just to name a few.

It might interest you all to know that apart from team work it also takes a whooping sum of at least CFA 1.000.000 to come out with a high quality video from Dr Nkeng Stephens whether upcoming, established or record label owner, the prices are all the same. This is actually one of those aspects people needed to have cited so we can make it end in 2017.

Several upcoming acts have been murmuring behind the scenes about the director’s alarming prices but none that I recall could speak out in 2017.
We understand that video directing is not an easy task, equipments cost a fortune, but how do other video directors with the same creativity and equipment go about it?
Clearly Many Upcoming  artists are not contented with his very high prices he charges for a music video, some even added that he barely supports the work after it is delivered to the artistes like help in the promotion or boosting it on social media even after collecting 1.000.000F from them. They aren’t suggesting that he shoots videos for 10.000F, I for one think his price should be moderate because it’s still a baby industry. Think about it. The screenshot below shows the bitterness some upcoming artiste have for the video directors in general, very harsh words were spoken.


However, on the part of our beloved upcoming acts, you shouldn’t complain about Dr Nkeng‘s alarming prices whereas you are still making baby steps in the music business. Actually,  you don’t need Dr Nkeng Stephens or Mr Adrenaline at the beginning of your career, it will only cripple your little savings. There are many other video directors who will deliver you almost the same package for less. I’m talking about the Merlin Carens and the Geraldrico Gueveras. You can begin in a little way. Jovi LeMonstre’s biggest hit ”Don 4 Kwat shot by the very talented Ndukong Bertrand only cost CFA 75.000 but it is still making waves till date. Think about it. I won’t try to discredit Nkeng’s art, but not all that glitters is gold.

You read it from the screenshots, you read it from me, what are your views about Dr. Nkeng’s alarming prices?

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– Victor Kange