Is Biggy237 Flatmate Patience Catching Feelings For Fhish ?

It’s no news that Patience has been looking for Fhish’s trouble in the house since the first week the show kicked off. Their first clash came after Fhish intentionally spanked her ass in the house. Something she did not take lightly with him calling it sexual harassment and has since that day started seeing Fhish as an enemy.


Things escalated when she was made house captain and has not stopped bullying Fhish since then as it now turned to look like an obsession. During their first clash, she called Fhish a goat and continued with her insults calling him a dirty guy and a mad dog (looks like she does know Fhish is an artiste).



Her negativity towards him has alarmed a lot of people who condemn her actions towards him. Worthy of note is that Fhish has not so far reacted to her maltreatment towards him. Could this be a full understanding of the game or has he other cards to play?

What are your thoughts on Patience’s treatment towards Fhish? Is she catching feelings for him and expressing it in an awkward manner?