This is Kowan from Northwest Region-Bamenda. He is 8years old and profiles as a Rapper, Singer, model and brand ambassador of Kids hall of talents Foundation that identifies , nurture, developed and promotes talents in kids 13years and below without depriving them of their rights to education and normal chidhood.  He is a recent signee(8months) of the said  organisation. Kowan who’s video  for the 237ShowbizMusicCompetition is currently at 42000 Views on 237Showbiz’s Facebook page,  was one of the artists from Round One of the Competition that caught the public’s attention.

since then supporters have validated him and have been demanding more, some have yelled ” let that kid go to school , quit the music saga ” some have yelled ” shoot him a good video “….Kowan wishes both should happen. Kids Hall Of Talents foundation wishes both happens not only for kowan but other kids whom he represents (basketball kids, kids in designing, kids in public speaking etc) but the financial and material constraints have set it.

In an attempt to  handle kowan’s case, He has recorded a mind blowing single , with just a video shoot that’s left. In an attempt to promote his education and that of other kids whom he represents, The Kids Hall Of Talent Foundation, recently organised a summer competition called O.K.SUMMER COMPETITION 2018 where at the end  they  awarded study materials to all participants (who partook in activities like , basketball singing dancing bible quizspelling and general knowledge designing / craft etc.

Here’s the challenge; the follow up and continuation plan entails they retain the top participants of each of the activities, nurture, develope and Promote their talents as well as their education. Kids Hall Of Talents foundation is working so hard towards making that happen through creating partnerships with individuals of good will, other organisations and structures.

Recently a BIG fan of Kowans and a promoter of Kids hall of talents FoundationClement Toh , proposed an online fundraising campaign; #SupportKowansVideoShoot

The Funds will be used for the following:
*Sponsor Kowans education;
*Purchase basketballs/video camera/jerseys/jerseys for other kids whom he represents;
*purchase a professional camera.

*Create a simple website

YOU GET TO CHOOSE WHO SHOOTS THE VIDEO by voting online too. Contact the numbers below in case you will be interested in supporting this young talented kid and the foundation he belongs to.