“This crisis don affect all man for this country” If not one of the most regular sayings of present day Cameroon, then what else do we need to hear when it comes to consequences of the ongoing “Anglophone Crisis”. It is worthy to note that our team doesn’t engage in political debates of any sort, but judging from the statement above, one can tell that war knows no particular sector or domain when it strikes.

The entertainment industry also has suffered and is still suffered a great loss as a result of the ongoing crisis, not just the entertainers and stakeholders, but the fans also go throw emotional and mental torture. As a result, many of them rush to find peace of mind be it on social media publications, music, comedy or games. However, the hate speech by some fans clearly shows a transfer of agression from the people inflicting pain on them to the entertainers (most especially English Speaking artistes) who have decided to communicate more with the French speaking population to the detriment of the English speaking audience. As a result, they tend to pour all their anger and frustration on the entertainers.

To the best of my understanding, if there wasn’t any ongoing crisis, Anglophone Problem or whatever you call it, the constant attacks on anglophone artistes now singing in French wouldn’t have been rampant. Many Cameroonians are sad and feel they are losing their heritage. A singer who rose to fame and attained success using his/her vernacular suddenly decides to forgo the language and picks up French, a language which isn’t understood by 90% of the his/her hope base fans. The political situation in the yesteryears when songs like Hein Père was released, Cameroonians fans rarely castigated their anglophone entertainers for cultivating too much French seeds in their musical gardens. Why then all of a sudden, French has become a problem when used by English Speaking Artistes ?

Worthy mentions of songs that carried French some years ago before the Anglophone Crisis sparked off are;

Ambe – Les Filles De Mon Pays

Jovi – Mets L’argent A Terre

Mr Leo – Kemayo

Victor Kange