Have you already listened to “My Way” by Stanley Enow, Tzy Panchak and Locko? If you haven’t yet listened to it then you are missing something! But the “My Way” experience will not be much if you don’t come around to watching the video. The video is probably the most neatly shot video so far in the Cameroonian music industry and it was directed by the Doctor himself, Nkeng Stephens. Well, today we will not bank on the amazing quality of the video, let us rather look at the message Stanley Enow tried to pass as he conceived this project. First we notice in the presence of many of a lot of big players in the entertainment industry such as Daphne, Pit Baccardi, Njie Clinton, Ivana Ononino, Laura Dave and even Fulbert who was discovered by the Cameroonian public in The Voice Africa. What is worth noticing is the fact that these person including the featuring artistes represent the most influential record labels in Cameroon, in fact they are so influential that they have happened to step on each other toes more than once. We can quite remember that earlier this year Blu Nation boss Marvin Slim took shot at Empire Company boss Pit Baccardi over reports that with his relations at Trace Africa, Pit Baccardi had succeeded to block  Tzy Panchak’s music from airing on the channel which can definitely gain him more exposure. But in the “My Way” video we see clearly that the two record labels might have already buried the hatchet as Pit Baccardi and Tzy Panchak greet each other amicably in the video. I think this project does send out a powerful message to all entertainers in Cameroon and the message is one of unity and for Stanley Enow to spearhead this movement shows his willingness to help Cameroonian music achieve that takeover dream most cameroonians  have been speaking about. We think this is obviously the way to go if we want Cameroonian music to travel and touch the many people that it should be touching. More Collaborations is the way to go, we have seen the success of projects such as Supporter by Locko ft Mr Leo,   Balance Remix by Ko-c ft TenorMimbayeur by Mink’s ft Blanche Bailly  just to name a few.  After all we all know what the adage says “United we stand, divided we fall”. Do you think this project has in anyway advanced the spirit of unity in Cameroonian entertainment or is it just collaboration like all others? Drop your thoughts in the comment section.

Emmanuel Asafor

Music Analyst/Culture enthusiast