After going MIA for a while from the Music Scene,  Kreef Ent’s Rapper Mic Monsta, resurfaced to the Spotlight in grand style. His comeback  was pregnant with  twins, the release of his  new video titled Freedom of Speech , and also the release of  the Hottest EP  From cameroon in 2017 “ Mic Monsta The EP“.  His EP has been making  waves for sometime now, and we deemed it Necessary to get the Incredible rapper on our Interview Schedule. Enjoy the Interview Below and Endeavour to  leave your comments behind.

Hint: All other early Questions about his Career can be Found in his first InterView (Here)


237Showbiz:  Welcome to another Interview Mic, Can you tell us if you left school to pursue your professional music career?How did your parents & family feel about your decision to go into music professionally?

Yea I did leave school to concentrate on my music career after I got signed to Kreef Ent. The only condition my mom gave me was that if I can do music and pay my bills then she’s fine with it. I should just make sure I never call home to ask for anything because that will be a sign that the music is not working lol
237Showbiz:  Do you play any instruments? Or produce? are you already making enough money from your craft? and what difficulties are you facing?

I can’t play any instruments but thanks to some lessons i got from SlimBeatz I can attempt to produce but not professionally. I can also sketch an idea of what I want a beat to sound like then take it to a producer.
237Showbiz: You recently released The Mic Monsta EP some weeks back and it was received VERY WELL. Some people described it as the PERFECT Ep. Tell us how long it took you to put it together?

I’m honestly so happy with the response I got from “ Mic Monsta The EP” and the truth is, it was more than I expected. Most of those songs were recorded around the period I dropped “Fear” and that’s about a year ago. The most recent song on the EP is “Time”. I badly wanted to put the songs out cuz I was already feeling how much I’ve improved creatively.
  237Showbiz:  okay great. So what is your favorite song from the EP? What inspired your song Blow? Do you feel like you have blown yet?

My favorite song on the EP is “Time” because of how deep it is. What inspired “When I Blow” was a conversation I was having with Arré and Dready Christ the first week we moved to our new apartments after we just got signed. That’s me and Arré, then Dready came to visit and we were talking about how dreams are beginning to come true. Then BeatBaller called to tell me he just emailed me a beat. Immediately I downloaded and played, we did a little freestyle and I recorded a video with my phone lol. Crispy later joined us and we showed him, he just said I should not change the topic that it was dope. I just told them this will be the first song on my EP and so it came to pass.
237Showbiz: Before you released your EP there were rumours that you wanted to leave your label Kreef Ent. Did you want to leave for real? and Why were you silent for a longtime?

Actually, I was not quiet. Our original plan was for “Freedom Of Speech” video to drop February 6th (which was my birthday) but life had something else stored for us. After the first shoot with NS Pictures, we reviewed and removed some scenes so it was obvious we had to reshoot and that’s how Adah Akenji came into the project. But I guess that’s how God wanted it to be cuz with all the difficulties and obstacles at the end we had the perfect video! That’s what was keeping me down, not like I wanted to leave Kreef.
237Showbiz:  Till now, are you satisfied with where your Career is? And do you think Eva and Ebangha have what it takes to push your career to the next level?

“Mic Monsta The EP” is my very first big project with Kreef Ent. The EP has 7 songs and we’ve shot videos for 2 of the songs and both had very great response. The fanbase is growing genuinely at home and abroad and I’m so proud of what we’ve accomplished so far. You guys should just hold tight and wait for what’s coming next.
237Showbiz: You’ve done a few collaborations already, is there anyone you haven’t worked with yet that you really want to work with? If someone wants to Collab with you is it free or do you charge them?

Yea I’m very open to collabos, and with me the sound comes first. I need to make sure it’s a good song cuz I hate to disappoint my fans. Secondly the song must have a video shot by a professional video director. Every other thing can come later.

237Showbiz: Kreef has been inviting/organizing shows for artists In the United states for a while now, How come you being their Main artist havent had a show in the states yet?

Kreef has been organizing shows for artists that have at least 7 videos to their name. That’s enough content for an artist to make an hour on stage. Taking me along at that period when all I had was “Fear” video don’t seem genuine. We can’t play ourselves. I’m busy creating content and when it’s time for an international performance I will gladly do with all confidence.
237Showbiz: Okay great. So Do you plan on doing a National tour? Or whats your plan on promoting your EP?

Yes hopefully, the “Fear Tour” was postponed because of the instability in the Anglophone regions at the time. It was not completely cancelled. So we might resume and use the opportunity to promote the EP too.
237Showbiz: How do you feel about the rap game in Cameroon? Do you feel any competition?

Our industry is growing and the more rappers emerge the stronger our hip-hop foundation. I don’t see anyone as competition cuz how I write my lyrics will always stand out.
237Showbiz: Do you have a girlfriend? Now that you’re somewhat famous, how has life changed for you? Do lots of people recognize you when they see you on the street and stuff?

Yea I do and a lot of things have changed. When people stop me for photos around Buea it’s very normal but when I’m out of town and I get the same reaction it’s really amazing!
237Showbiz: Who from this list can you Marry, Date or Be best friends with ?

[ Daphne, Coco Argentee, Coco emilia, Ewube , Mimie, Reniss, Nabila, Blanche Bailly?]

I’m already bestfriends with Ewube so I will date Blanche Bailly and marry Daphné lol

237Showbiz: So what’s next for Mic Monsta and what vision do you have for yourself as an artist or musician?

What’s next for me will come as a surprise. And my vision as an artist is to let the world know our story as Cameroonians. We’ve consumed so much foreign content and it’s high time the world start consuming ours that’s why I rap in the local pidgin. So when a Cameroonian listen to me from any part of the world they will be able to relate and identify themselves in the stories I tell.

237Showbiz: Any plans for an album or another mixtape?

Yeah an album will definitely come in due time and I will introduce you guys to some youngins I’ve been working with when they are ready to go public. For all the fans that have been supporting me I appreciate a lot. They are all like family to me cuz they’ve watched me grow to this level and we are not even there yet. So as I keep working to improve on myself, they should never stop supporting cuz I do this for them. Thank you.

237Showbiz:  It’s a wrap, thanks for taking out time to get to Know Mic, Hope you Enjoyed the Interview? Keep watching & Sharing his EP