Micmonsta1On todays Version of Talent Promote we are proud to have on our Interview schedule Mic Monsta who is a Buea Based Rapper signed to the USA Label Kreef Entertainment. For those who dont know about Kreef Entertainment, they are one of the Labels who are doing a fantastic job promoting young talents from Cameroon. The Label is owned by two Powerful ladies Ebangha Njang and Eva Ndumbe. Mic Monsta is the only  Artist signed under this Label. Ever since Mic Monsta signed for Kreef his career has been skyrocking to a new level. Before Kreef came into the Picture, he had songs like Nword Remix, bwam featuring jovi, and E No Dey. When Kreef Ent. took Over, the Union gave birth to his Now Trending song Fear, which is spreading like wild Fire. Our interview with the Rap Mogul will take you through a fantastic journey about his life and career. Brace your selves …lets get the dice rolling.

Who is Mic Monsta? How did your early life prepare you for your career?.

(A) Mic Monsta is a young Cameroonian rapper, madly in love with Music. Since I discovered my passion for the art I’ve been trying to make a name and a living out of it. I’m Bakweri by tribe but I grew up in Kumba where I did my Primary and Secondary education. Before I got into Rap or turned into a recording artist I was a Dancer so I was somehow still exposed to music. I listened to so many songs and I could master all the Lyrics and would always sing along when a Song is playing. Then the idea of writing my own songs came in plus I had some friends that shared the same passion. Since then it’s been one step after the other towards the music direction.

Wow okay amazing. So What is your most memorable childhood memory? Your most embarrassing moment in your life?

(A) My most memorable childhood memory was me planting a coconut tree in our compound in Kumba when I was 6yrs lol. And for like 10yrs every time that coconut was harvested they will have to give me the first coconut to eat. It kept happening for years but I got to a certain age that I stopped being naughty or greedy won’t care if I was the first to eat the coconut or not lol I’ve actually never had an embarrassing moment in my life, and I’m praying it stays like that.

Hahahaha that was a funny one. So tell us Why did you leave the label Best Music inc.? Are you currently signed to a Music Label?

(A) I left Best Music Inc mainly because Kreef Entertainment was interested in me. And the fact that Best Music was yet to start on my official projects made things easier. And yes I’m  signed, under Kreef Entertainment.

okay good to know. What do you think about the Cameroon Music Industry? Give us your Top 10 songs at the moment? And who will you love to do a collaboration with?

(A) I think the Cameroon Industry is at the “Get Ready” stage. You know when you want to run and they say ‘On Your Mark’, ‘Get Ready’, ‘Go!!’. Yeah we on that “Get Ready” stage and by next year everybody that’s ready will be making the Buzz on a national and international level. As of now you can count the ones doing it big. But you can’t count in Nigeria or Ghana or maybe the South African music industry and I think that’s how the Camer industry will be looking like from next year. My Top 10? I don’t have the regular Playlist like everybody so you might not find your favorite songs on it. Hope you don’t mind. From top; 10) N Stan – Mbambe 9) PIM Boys – Ici au Kamer 8) Tzy Panchak – Stay With Me 7) July – Skido 6) Arré – Low Waist 5) Space Boy – We Do How 4) Magasco – Deal 3) Askia – Feel Me 4) Jovi – Nencho 2) Neglect – Fool 4 U 1) Mic Monsta – Fear And I can collabo with any talented artist that I feel connected to and believe we can make a good song.

Yeah you are right, the industry is getting better. What inspired your Now Trending Song Fear? What makes you unique from other Cameroonian Rappers?

(A) What inspired my song “Fear” was myself. Listen to the lyrics, I mostly talked about myself. I listened to the opinions people had of me, which was that I’m very dope each time I do a song cover or I feature on another person’s song. So with all that in mind I had to make my first single to be really dope. The type of song that everyone will listen and be like “Mic Monsta na Rapper for Fear” lol And what makes me unique from other rappers is my writing style. Apart from the normal Rhyming I also use a lot of literature devices like Wordplay, Metaphors Synonyms, Homonyms and every other form that can best bring out what’s in my head. And in most cases I use those common Pidgin language words so everyone can relate and at the end anything I say sounds interesting because you feel like you need to decode the lines.

Haha yes, Mic Monsta Na really rapper for fear, your punchlines are off this planet!!!. So apparently a recent poll on the website www.kamervibe.com declared you an outstanding victory as Best young Rapper. Do you think you can stand your contestants one-on-one on stage?.

(A) I didn’t need to win Best Rapper on the KamerVibe voting poll to know I’m the best young rapper in Cameroon so there was no special feeling about it. I feel like even me I’m yet to discover some of my Potentials so that thought of who’s the best is not in my head right now. I’m focusing on perfecting my art. You watched my video FEAR it had just me on it, yet there was not a boring second in the video and it was still very dope. That’s how much my team and I believe in my art. And talking about onstage, if you asking if I can freestyle then it’s left for you to find out.

Lol okay. Nowadays a lot of alleged English speaking Artist are bringing in a blend of French, English and Pidgin-English to increase their Fanbase. Do you consider doing same? And if not why?

(A) Music has no boundaries so you can freely do whatever you want. A good song will always remain a good song. Cameroonians dance to Sarkodie and Olamide. I’ve seen people repeating their songs word for word without understanding the language. So it all falls to you making a good song. If I’m going to add French to my Rap, I can’t tell as of now.

haha yeah right, Sarkodie was a good example. We saw a picture with you and Magasco which looked like you were preparing for a studio session some months back, are you guys cooking up something for your fans?

(A) That picture with Magasco is not even a 2016 picture lol. But as for a collabo with him I can’t say much on that right now but Kreef will definitely let y’all know what’s up with time.

oh really? hard to tell. How do you balance your music with other obligations – mate, children, job? And Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

(A) Right now I’m all about the Music. And 5yrs from now, I see myself representing Camer Hip Hop and African Hip Hop internationally.

What are you working on at the moment? Any surprise for your fans? Are you working on any International Projects?.

Yea I’m working on a couple of projects but it’s too early to air out any. When I’m ready I might just let the cat out of the bag. And at the right time. Thank you very much for this interview.

Its a wrap!!! You are welcome Mic Monsta, i wish you the best of luck in your Career, Hope to see you soon again on here again.  The readers probably have learned a lot about you, your career, the Music industry and your playlist at the moment. See you on saturday 11th of june for the next Artist. Relax and listen to his Hit single Below and relate with him via the comment section.