2016 has been a busy year for the New Bell music boss. Being a Rapper and a producer at thesame time is not just a walk down the park. 2016 has been a great year for the #Newbellmusic team, Jovi can confidently brag about producing 2 albums for Pascal and Reniss respectively without forgetting a couple of EPs released earlier this year for his crew members.  Compared to 2015 that was pregnant with many hits, fans feared that he has loosing that pro touch which he was known for. Bad Music has been his only project released this year, with only one video zele from his EP Raps 2 Riches released in 2016, the Label just announced  Today 11th of November, that   Jovi will be releasing the video for Mongshung which is one of the singles off his album titled “16 Wives”, dropping before the end of the year(see screenshot below). It’s about to get real y’all the Mboko God is about to preach to the Mboko brethren. While waiting, comment below which of his albums  you prefer MBoko God or H.I.V?