Did the controversial release of Ewube’s “Trowey” video lead to the end of her career? The urban music scene in Cameroon has witnessed an increase of record labels. In 2014, Best Music Inc was created with talents like Mic Monsta,NamiNami Cyrus ,TzyPanchak and Young Birdie. Top-notch producer Slimbeatz brought in his protegee Ewube into Best Music in the same year.

Ewube’s debut single “Party All Nyte”, a spicy dancehall song was phenomenal and created a massive impression. This ushered her into the hall of reputable urban female artists in Cameroon. With an extraordinary voice, irresistible charm and stage charisma, Ewube became highly coveted across Africa.

She electrified the stage during the launching of MTN EasyBooster in Limbe, performed alongside Stanley Enow and Mink’s during the MTN Campus Tour, Douala HipHop Festival and the University Games. Her aura and overwhelming impact enabled her to clinch an endorsement deal as brand ambassador for Reaktor.

She was nominated at the CAMEE AWARDS and the Urban Jamz Awards 2016 where her exceptional performance caught Stanley Enow’s attention. He couldn’t help but announce a future collaboration. Ewube is the first female artist to be bestowed an award for highest MTN ZIK downloads.

Rumour has it that, Ewube’s career has always been scarred by disagreements over her video releases. From “party all night” to her recent video “trowey”, which label makes claim was middling, substandard and hence not worthy to be released. Not impressed with the video, the strife between Ewube’s management and the rest of the label was evident when her manager went ahead to release it without their consent.

It took Best Music one year to release the video for the much acclaimed song. The public sensed a stale air when the video wasn’t shared on social media by other members of the label following its release. The video however aired on Trace Africa, CRTV, Boom TV, Canal 2 and other local channels in Cameroon. Seemingly, the hatchet hasn’t been buried.

Today, Best Music seems to be crashing as key artists are moving to other record labels; Mic Monster moved to kreef, NamiNami Cyrus is signed to Empire Company, and TzyPanchak clinched a deal with Blu Nation while Ewube is nowhere to be found. It’s a pity how an incredible talent like Ewube has amounted to nothing so far. This brings us to the mighty question Where is Ewube? is she on the way of getting signed by another label? ย Leave a comment about what you think below.

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