Whenever you hear the tag “Bon Mebolo” on any song, know Teddy Beatz is the one behind the production of the song

Momha Teddy is a Douala Based music producer who has been producing since 2017. He has always had an ear for good music since childhood and with the support of MC/Show Host Tony Nobody,Teddy discovered his gift in music production and started his production career

Teddy Beatz in his early days as a producer in 2017

Fast forward 5 years later & Teddy Beatz is a huge name in the music production game in Cameroon.He has revolutionized music production in Cameroon with his unique sound, catchy Bamileke melody and his repeated Urbanization of traditional sounds

He has proven to have mastered a winning formula alongside Krys M as this tag team has delivered 2 hit songs in 6 months.

Teddy Beatz was the one behind the production of “Chacun Sa Chance” & is also the one behind “Qui Croira Verra” by Krys M.
Both songs being 2 of the hottest Cameroonian songs at the moment of course after Libainca’s “People”

Given how difficult it is to produce a hit song, it’s safe to say Teddy Beatz has mastered his formula which entails a dance-able bend-skin beat with melodious vibes from the western regions .
His Sound already has that Cameroon feeling in which any Cameroonian can identify his or herself in it .

This makes Teddy’s Production highly relatable and once a song is relatable ,it’s easier for it to blow up.

Teddy’s Genius doesn’t end with Krys M as he has also had a successful working relationship with numerous artists like X Maleya , Nabila ,Stanley Enow, Tzy Panchak , Lydol , Izi Carter & Numerous others

Teddy Beatz latest work includes :

Krys M – Qui Croira Verra
Lydol Ft Cysoul – Ndole Bobe
Jumeau KM – Laissez Les Parlez
Tzy Panchak- L’Homme est Mauvais

In 2022, Teddy Beatz produced:

– 4 songs from Tzy Panchak’s Love & War Album
– 9 songs from Lydol’s Hybrid Album
– every song from X Maleya’s Back to Roots Album

– 50 singles from numerous other artists

Award winning producer Teddy Beatz

Teddy Beatz from his work ethic and newly earned success shows that he is here to stay . As a person, Teddy Beatz is very sociable & humble . He is a very determined individual who wants to see Cameroon music go international.

He has won Producer of the Year at the Public Vison Awards 2022 and has already been getting numerous nominations at other award shows.

His production bank keeps on increasing and as a producer with a winning formula, we believe it’s Time the music industry appreciates  for his contributions