The Empire Company Signee Magasco aka Bamenda Boy is definitely not here to joke. While his hit Song Wule bang bang is still booming the streets and clubs, Magasco was on a no chill mode, spending time in the studio to cook up something really quick and nice. He just released this amazing tune titled All VIP on the 27th of may 2016 . He comes in all dressed in VIP, acting like a VIP, Chilling like a VIP,  saying its VIP everything. Yeah he deserves all that VIP he has been working hard for a longtime just to enjoy this moment. This is an an original, appealing and creatively orchestrated piece. The pleasurable atmospheric piece that captures your imagination right from the intro. Good music has no language despite singing in Pidgin there is this  thought provoking , emotionally attaching, heart-warming and somewhat funfilled lyrics. His vocals are just on another level, his rich vocals and ability to sing  to deliver a harmonious and hard hitting tune at the same time, sets Magasco apart as an artist who is truly in love with the art. We don’t have many of those. Dj PAzzo the producer who made this beat did a fantastic job. The drums and snares in the background are off the hook. The video Director NS Pictures did an amazing job  and are definitely one of the best in the game. This song and video is a masterpiece. Magasco proves he’s  no longer that *Fineboy no money *. But that he is  all about that VIP life. The Video directing is nothing short of Perfect. The Bootilicious energetic dancers  were dancing as though they just drank some cans of the energy drink Redbull, and were shaking it the right way.  We told Y’all Cameroon got it, Africa Watch out. The takeover is real!!!.

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