We present to you the first Edition of Talent Promote. The aim of  this is to create awareness of the amazing Artists Cameroon has got and also to improve on the exposure ArtIntervieworiginalists are getting with the population. By so doing we are creating an amazing platform for Artists to give updates about the careers and the projects they are working on. Be it Designers, Music Artists, Comedians etc. There is enough time and place  for everyone in the Entertainment industry.  We will have interviews every Saturday with different Artists on our website. On the First Edition we have none other than the Cameroonian Born American Ebako Nkele aka Camericanidol who is a rapper based in the USA. Ebako has a couple of awards to his name. If you have never heard about him here is a chance to connect with this amazing Rapper cameroon has got.
  Who is Ebako? How did you come up with the name Camericanidol?.
(A) Easy, I’m a Cameroonian born Rapper who moved to the Unites States at a very young age. My family members listened to all kinds of music when I was a baby but Hip Hop is the genre that grasp my attention so that’s the genre I picked to cultivate my talent with. Since I’m a Cameroonian living in America and everyone who has heard my music know that I go hard, two years ago I decided to add a A.K.A. to my name which is “Camerican idol” but spelled “Camericanidol”

okay amazing.  Are you currently signed to a Music Label?
(A) Right now, FamosENT & I have a verbal contract but nothing has been signed yet. The C.E.O. Aka Famos Amos invest in my music Career as of right now but we haven’t signed any contract. He is also one of my best friends so If bigger labels come knocking, I got his back as much as he has mines.

 What do you think about the Cameroon Music Industry? Who are your top 5 Artist at the moment? And who will you love to do a featuring with?
(A) The Cameroonian music industry is amazing because there is so much talent but not too much exposure but that’s changing as we speak. My top five Cameroonian Artist right now will be me ofcourse me… Ebako AKA Camericanidol as number one, Jovi, Stanley, Magasco & Mic Monsta from Kumba, Na to fear!!! Lol. I’m also from Kumba so I feel really proud artist are emerging from there. I’ll like to do a feature with all of the good Artist in Cameroon. The politics really don’t apply to me since I’m in the US but I think if they wanna come to America I can be the way. That will be the benefit of Doing a feature with me. Ofcourse I’ll benefit from them too because I’m not currently in Cameroon and need a lot of exposure there. It’s all about exchanging fans.

What an amazing list of names. What inspired your Hit songs King to a Queen and Arabian Night?
(A) My hit songs Arabian Night and King to a Queen were inspired by women of course. Lately I’ve noticed when I appeal women a little bit more the reaction is amazing so I created Arabian Night and King to a Queen. Of course I’ll still be dropping bangers for everyone else since I really don’t like the creative process of making songs that appeal to women only. Honestly I prefer to stay neutral.  
After listening to a good number of your songs, i think you are strictly into Hip Hop, have you considered working on some Afrobeat projects?.
(A) I’m strictly a Hip Hop Artist but if I do decide to do AfroPop, it has to be an AfroPop Hip Hop beat. Actually my next track will be an AfroPop beat, only I’m rapping. Wait on it. It’s called “Versace”
 Great we  are looking forward to it. so what is your fan base and who do you particularly want to relate to?.
(A) My fan base is mainly Africans in the United States and a few African Americans but as I gain experience and stay longer in the game, Cameroonians, Nigerians and  everyone else is starting to vibe with me. My Facebook fan page “Ebako” is where I get my most engagement from fans and they are mostly Cameroonians or Nigerians and Africans all over America. It’s growing fast though. Can’t wait for the Blow although I’m not desperate for it nor will I rush.

 Have you worked with any Cameroonian/ African Artist before?

(A) So far I’ve worked with KO-C, Sosa Real, Jigga Flanes & Prospe which are Cameroonians but I’ll like to increase that number, I’ve worked with a few Nigerians including Teddy A, Lasgiidi, Tall Paul, Kolabo and Emazi. My focus is to increase my fan base here in the US so Cameroonians can feature with me and get exposure abroad. Vice verser.

 if you could change something in the Cameroon Music Industry what will it be?

(A) if I could change anything about the Cameroonian industry, I’ll make sure we all support one another no matter where you are located. You don’t have to be in Cameroon to be a good Artist. It’s good that there are Cameroonians outside the country. Right now the foreign Cameroonians are not getting Radio play time or TV time in Cameroon, it’s embarrassing to say this but Nigeria Played my music on TV multiple times and Radio play a lot. That’s why recently I’m using a lot of 237 and shouting out Cameroon so that my people will recognize that it’s their own rapping like this.

 Exactly i agree wth you. Do you get nervous before a performance? How do you handle mistakes during a performance?

(A) During performances I’m actually excited on stage because the more I perform the better I become but lately I limit my performances because it’s about entertainment so if I’m to perform.. I wanna be entertaining to watch and that takes planning.

 Are you working on any new projects? What is coming next?

(A) Just recorded Five new tracks but like I said before “Versace” is what I’ll drop next. If the buzz is too high, I’ll run with it and just drop a mixtape after instead of moving to another single. Camericanidol 3 will be the next mixtape.

 You said at the end of your single Arabian night that you will be dropping new tracks every month, you make it look easy. How long do you take to write a song? Mind dropping a freestyle for your fans?

(A) When in the mood I can create a full song in one day but other than that, it takes me about two to three days. Will drop a freestyle next time we do a Live interview.

 (Ebako)  Keep up with my moves on My social media outlets

Facebook: @Ebako
Website: www.camericanidol.com
Twitter: @Ebako_E
Instagram : @Ebako
Snapchat : @Camericanidol

Its a wrap. Thanks for dropping by, you made a lot of great points that if looked into, will  definitely change the Music industry for the Better. Do listen to his Hit single Below and drop your comments via the commnent section.