Mic Monsta! AKA the Mayor of Punchline District AKA Cameroon’s Finest Lyricist after dropping his Mic Monsta The EP project last year 2017 with songs such as “Fear and Freedom Of Speech” speaking for itself, the Kwata Music founder didn’t give it time to die down as he comes back with his brand new album in which he calls “Kwata Dairy”.

It is worthy to note that all this information is found in the press release below but we had to also bring to your attention the fact that the rapper’s record label is now affiliated to an American based record label.

This implies that the Kwata Dairy album was released by two record labels, Coastal Records LLC And Kwata Music INC. This tells you the weight and value of what you are paying for! The link attached below takes you to the website where you can preorder the album with just one click.

PreOrder here: https://www.muzikol.com/releases/88

Victor Kange