When i said you will hear the name Ebako, very often this year in my last article about him i was not joking. The Cameroonian born , USA based Rapper just released the mastered  version for his single Versace. Ebako has been rapping for more than 6 years now, he has 2 mixtapes out, with the standout songs being King to a Queen, Arabian Night, Kunta Kinte and Strictly Financial. From the success of  this songs it is logical to say he was born to rap. His career has been shooting for a journey of no return just as the years go by. He had earlier promised fans at the beginning of 2016 that he will be releasing new songs every month, and he was not joking about it. Ebako has been doing too much of Urban Hip Hop music and it was high time he drops a song for his African fans, the reason why he is releasing Versace. Versace is that game changer, it is the song that will bring a change in the Cameroonian Hip Hop Scene. This Version is the Mastered version with Ebako dropping some catchy, and dope punches like never before. When you listen to the beat you will think it was produced by the legendary Dr Dre. But no, hold on a minute it was Dr Dre’s Long lost nephew from Cameroon Edi’Ledrae, it seems like anyone bearing the name Dre/Drae is a dope Producer. That not withstanding  Versace is the song which you cant just listen to once, you will have to damage the repeat button in order to be satisfied. This  high tempo track is a new wave in the Cameroonian hip hop scene worthy of praise. Cameroonian rappers get in the studio and drop a freestyle to this song, while we wait for  Kreef Entertainments Frontliner Mic Monsta’s Verse on this track. This song is a psychedelic club track that sounds especially wicked late at night. The free-flowing murmurs of Versace nicely with the more snappy stylings of the beat will leave you overwhelmed. Ebako provides the finishing touches with a highly enjoyable hook. DJs, don’t sleep on this one.  Let the freestyles begin, this could help shine the light on one lucky upcoming artist. Enjoy good music and leave a comment below.