Franko signed to Sonolive Prod. is back with something steamy and catchy banger for his fans. Franko has been busy in the past months traveling round the world promoting his hit song Coller la petite. while doing so he has left fans anticipating what he could offer after such a hit song.  The pressure was mounting, Franko had to make a tough decision  on whether to drop Coller la petite remix, or drop something completely new for his fans. The success of his hit single *Coller la petite *  got him world recognition and much love from music lovers. Franko then decided it was time he released another song to make his fans know he is not a one hit wonder. The new song titled Téléphone was just released today 26th june and is already playing on almost all Tv media’s in the country. This song which was just released some moments ago is already trending on twitter with the hashtag #‎FrankoTéléphone. Franko expands his catchy and fun loving  wordplay with a subject which is a no-go in nowadays relationships, which is the telephone. Just getting into your partners  telephone is more dangerous than putting your hand in a pot of Hot oil. The secrets are all hidden there, and ávoiding the telephone will help you avoid diseases such as Hypertension, high blood pressure etc. People find it hard to trust others, the telephone is a personal thing. In any case i think Franko did an mazing job with the song, the clip was directed by Sky star. Enjoy and Leave a comment below