Tilla  AKA the Godmother is back to business y’all. she ignores the heated online beef she had a day earlier(See beef here), and focuses on making good music. She just burried competition in the mud. Dope is her new single produced by one of cameroon’s dopest producers Edi Le drae. Dope is a  modern day uptempo Hip hop  song with every punchline doper than the last one. When Tilla raps you can feel the thirst, the hunger in her voice. Ater leaving New Bell music she started back to square one, then sent out some Rasta luv to fans, it was only right that her next song will be doper than the last one. Her lyrics had comeback punches such as, *my new team’s doper than the last one,…oh God im the best one*, well that was clearly for her old label. Tilla delivers an energetic flow of sick rhymes embodied with a touch of freshness and relevance. This is definitely the official hiphop anthem. With this song you’ll definitely need to refresh your favorite playlist. Listen, comment, download and share.