Mic check Are you a fragile rapper? One thing about being an outstanding rapper is the strength of the MC. No matter how many new  fans they have, no matter how many hits they have, they are still hungry.when they want to prove themselves most of them dont go on twitter/facebook. They settle it with bars. Thats basic hip hop lessons 101, you got something on your chest? then get on the mic and spit it. To be great you need to set challenges, and work towards beating them. Social media has come and created a means to easily bash and laugh at any one. Tilla and Askia have been on a constant back and forth facebook beef. Anytime Tilla writes something Askia is on the defensive,  (see facebook post below). That is so fragile, Rap is not a place to be soft….if you want to be soft go and do pop. Because rap is a battle ground, it’s always been that way. if you think you are the undesputed rap champ, let the fans feel the heat from your songs. Champs dont go to twitter/facebook and rant like middle school girls, we dont want to hear  that, settle it the right way. Give us bars make it rain. Watch Tilla’s latest single  Rasta Luv (Here) and Askia’s  welcome for kwata(here).  leave a comment below about what you think concerning this two beefing.