Kikoh Innocent Sentie A.K.A Kikoh, was born in 1993 and his love for music started in 2008.In 2010,he released his first single with a positive feedback. Often referred to as the LIL KESH of Cameroon, his undisputed talent brought him close to a big brother in the industry,DjPazzo, with whom he has been working behind the scenes ever since.

Recently signed to Blue Berry City, a record label piloted by DijayPazzo and Chinois,Kikoh is presently working in collaboration with other big names in the industry and is now at the edge of releasing his debut single “MUKUM” produced by DjPazzo. In his silence, he has many things to say but we captured this “… I love music and am a workaholic working to fulfill my heart‘s desires… ”

Today, the upcoming super star is on the verge of breaking the stereotype mindset of the African music industry with innovation and with a cultural go-getting afropop song, “Mukum”.

“MUKUM”, which is a general name in the North West of Cameroon originates from the Kom clan and it is the biggest masquerade of all the masquerades.Kikoh uses the name Mukum as a sort of respect to every boss. According to him, when you are boss in your office, you are a MUKUM (a sort of “Baba”)

“…the name Mukum is related to every boss in his filed, whether you are a football player, fashion designer, president, blogger, director, you are a mukum…”

The song is a very powerful pidgin oriented song with few words mentioned in the French Language. Well written with a thought-out and captivating title as Mukum, Kikoh seeks not only to shock the African market with his originality, his witty lyrical lines, but also to shock the lost rhythm and cultural values in African music.

Mukum is a cross border song, it’s mind blowing, it’s a hit, it a song that everyone in the world will be able to relate with, because in every country you find a rich, famous, influential person who is a Mukum, and not just because of the language but also because of the beautifully patterned instrumentals and ancestral male chorus we use to hear chanted by ancient warriors at  the war front.Kikoh is the new big  thing in the Industry enjoy this wonderful talent, download, share and comment below

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