The Freaky Table is arguably the hottest Cameroonian Industry talk show at the moment as everyone is now glued to their screens every Monday as soon as an episode goes up. This talk show is show that analyses events ,conflicts, personalities ,Musical ,Cinematic and Comedic aspects of the Cameroonian Entertainment Industry as a whole. With each episode introducing a new topic to be discussed about.

The show is founded by Host,MC and Entrepreneur Joan Ngomba and is usually being held at Iya Restaurant in Buea. This show started as basically 3 good friends (who are passionate about the Cameroonian entertainment industry ) airing their opinions and what has lead to its prominent rise is the fact that these 3 partners in crime complement each other with their unique personalities,ideologies and mentalities.

Season 1 was a very good ride as they entertained the Cameroonian Industry as whole and on the 1st three episodes of season 2, they managed to get every Showbiz lover addicted to this show . This is because each member of the freaky table team has played a prominent part in the show as explained below:


Joan Ngomba:

The only lady in the room ,Her Calmness and Jovial manner shows clearly why the saying  “Ladies before gentlemen “ holds ground till today. She is the main host , the catalyst of any mini arguments on the show .Always the one shaking the table till it becomes freaky .Her friendly tone and smile will always give the viewer 1000 reasons not to press the next button . Her most important role at the end of the day is her acting like the middleman between her partners (Yana and Kwoh) and the viewer and she never disappoints in that role.

Picture of Joan Ngomba

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Kwoh Elonge :

Kwoh Elonge is a Showbiz expert who is a defining factor to why the show is this entertaining, His Unbiased approach to any issue discussed on the freaky table gives the show more value from another angle as he also is extremely smart In his arguments which makes him most of the time very difficult to out talk. He has that  captivating personality that makes him always noticed in the show . To conclude ,He has branded himself as an extremely unbiased person in such a way that everyone always wants to listen to his opinion even when he hasn’t yet said anything.

Picture of Kwoh Elonge

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Yana Max Jr:

Yana Max  is a Model, Journalist, Video Vixen  and TV Presenter whose  knowledge for the Entertainment Industry cannot be under looked as he has backed that up most often in his arguments, His activeness in various areas in the entertainment industry in different roles has contributed more to his understanding of how things run and can be noticed by the way he regularly  shows that off in his arguments on the show. He also is a Key member to the growth of the freaky table as he analysis situations from a different perspective making the 3 Hosts the perfect fit to make the table freaky . His talent of spotting the root of a problem and having recommended solutions also make him an asset to this table .More over , He’s Frequent Spats with Kwoh Elonge make both of them ,interesting to watch .

Picture of Yana Max Jr


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In Conclusion, One can applaud the rise of this show and its influence on the Cameroonian entertainment industry. An example of how influential this show is is how after 24 hrs of releasing the 1st episode of freaky table season 2, the whole industry gets tense as Blanche bailly accepts Prince Enobi’s challenge which he issued to Cameroonian artist on The freaky Table and 24 hrs later,Naira Marley talks about collaboration with Cameroonian artist which came about due to discussions on the freaky table.

Episode 1 of Season 2 mostly talks about The Proposed of Ban of  Nigerian Music in Cameroon,Cameroonian Djs Prioritizing Nigerian Music over Cameroonian music in Clubs and if Nigeria is obliged to Consume Cameroonian music .

Alongside The official members of the freaky table were invited guest Phillbill and Prince Enobi who helped answering the questions above .

Picture of the freaky table members and Guests after filming episode 1 of season 2


Episode 2 focused on the Stingy Men Asssociation Trend that has taken over Cameroon, Nigeria and social media in Africa, While Episode 3 focuses more on the Power of Social Media Influencers in Africa using Nigeria’s Tundeednut as a reference after the later garnered more than 1 Million followers on Instagram in 24 Hours.

Feel free to watch the First three episodes below and endeavor to follow their YouTube Channel to keep up with a new episode every Monday :

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