So Na so wah Baddest Music Producer Phillbill change e price oh
Wuna memba say e be fes di take 500,000 frs for 1 song nor ?
E price don add now
E say now so if u no get 1 Million Frs CFA , no jhu pass you
E say sometime dem e fit do wam even for Njoh, . E jhu depend the vibe , if e be inspired on the project or if e believe in you as an artist
But as of now , If you no get 1 Million Frs CFA , we no go hear ” Hmmmmm its Phillbill “ for ya song
Who say Music Production no get money ?
We get for note say Phillbill don knack plenty hit songs dem for plenty Cameroonian artists like Ko-c , Blanche Bailly,Daphne,Coco Argentee and so many others
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