The 80/20 Campaign Is For The Broadcasting Outlets And Not The Fans Or Public.

How well did you understand the 80/20 campaign fueled by Cameroonian comedian, actor and philanthropist CY International? 80/20 Campaign is the fight to regulate the amount of foreign and local content aired on national media for Cameroonians to consume. That is, 80% of local content should be disseminated while only 20% of foreign content should be broadcasted. This is in a bid to promote more of local materials, uplift our culture and in turn make more revenue.

Looking at the reactions from netizens and Cameroonians worldwide, a handful of them missed out on the main goal of the campaign. From some reactions, fans have been heard saying they can’t forgo foreign music for Cameroonian music when the artistes are not giving them the hits. Other netizens have reacted saying nobody should decide for them the kind of music they should listen to because their mobile data was bought with their own monies therefore they choose to listen to what pleases them.

The aforementioned reaction proves that many still are yet to understand the goal and objectives of the 80/20 campaign. It has nothing to do with the fans, public but the broadcasting outlets. You can listen to foreign music on your smartphone 24/7 but when it comes to media outlets and broadcasters such as Television, Radio, DJs, they should play 80% of Cameroon content and ONLY 20% of foreign content.

Now tell us, is this a good move or not ?