Pascal AKA Yungking  has been busy in the past few months working on his album to be released probably later this year. Anytime Pascal teamed up with Label Boss Jovi it has always yielded an amazing output, if you have any tiny doubt, I’ll remind you of a few Check sense, Best of Me, and How many so How Many. it has always been bars after bars, and witty punchlines raising his rap game and elevating him to one of the best and fastest rising rappers in Cameroon at the moment. With only one video titled Manka’a and 2 EPs ,he is proving to have what it takes to make it big in this entertainment business. Pascal was labelled by 237showbiz some months back as the Rap Prodigy we didnt miss words, you are about to know why really soon. Makero is a new song featuring Jovi and New Bell Queen Reniss Aka Rere set to be released on Friday 19 of august. it will be nothing you have heard before, while waiting for this to drop, keep on grinding to Manka’a Here