Hello readers, Today we have on our Interview schedule, Cameroon’s fastest Rapper Ko-C. Ko-C  based in Buea is one of the artist buzzing right now after the release of his debut single  titled Balance´. We hooked up with him to tell us more about himself and his career. In the Interview below you are going to get answers to a good number of questions you have been wanting to know, Enjoy.ko-c

Q.  So  tell our readers, Who is Ko-C?  How was growing up like for you?

Ko-C  with real names Njang Mengu Collins, is a Cameroon based artist with an outstanding style of rap called twisting. Growing up to me was like a whole good experience from one life style into entertainment to another because I grew up being a dancer of different dancing styles, A comedian,an MC, and now a rapper.

Q. Rumor has it that BTS Empire was broke and couldn’t pay you, and that the other pim boyz were to average as compared to you. Reason why you left BTS empire, How true is that?

Well I left BTS empire to build my own music world which is #Rawget Music not actually because they were broke

Q. Between Jovi, Pascal and Mic Monsta….Who will you pick for a music collaboration on your song and why?

Mic Monsta, Because we are both   upcoming and it will yield an impact than with Jovi who is an already established artist.

Q. The Rap category is the most powerful in most music industry’s who are currently your top 5 rap acts from Cameroon?.

For rappers in Cameroon I will say rappers like Jovi, Maahlox, Ko-c , Crispy and Treadstone

Q.  Some people think you are copying Sarkodie’s style, what do you have to say about that?

 Sarkodie twist’s in his local language but I twist in English, French and pidgin English more and am about 2 seconds faster than him. and also I can sing as well so I don’t really see the similarities in our styles. And more to that I can say it’s because Sarkodie was the first to pop up the twisting mode of rap in Africa so any one like me who comes after him must surely sound like him in the ears of everyone.

Q. For each name pick one answer, Between  Blanche Bailly, Daphne and Reniss., Who will you date? Marry or ignore?

haha well if you insist, i will marry Daphne and date Blanche.

Q. Between Promoter, Video director and producer who do you think deserves to be paid more?

I think promoters, I choose promoters to be paid the more because they are the people that get the song out there to the hearing of the  public and fans so they play a very important role.

Q. Tell us about your new single Balance´, what inspired you? Did you have any other songs before this?

HMmmm I can say my whole life experience inspired me to come up with Balance’ cos the whole story line actually explains what I have gone through in real life and yes I had other unreleased songs before Balance’.

Your female fans will love to know if you are single or not?

I am single at the moment.

Q. Most southern Cameroonians have been voicing out their opinions towards the Anglophone problem currently bubbling on social media and in Cameroon. What is your take on this? Secession or Federation?

Federation,I choose federation because of fear of the unknown Cameroonians can really tell How the situation will look like if we use violence to dethrone the present president and crown a new person as president.

Q. Are you working on any new projects? What is coming next?

Ya I got lots of stuffs am working on and some are already ready to be send out so I will say my fans should expect much more from Ko-c and I want to use this opportunity to thank all those who have really been showing me the love and support as concerns my career I won’t fail or let u guys down cos the next one is going to be a Bomb too trust me when I say that and it’s titled (Les moi passes).

Its a Wrap, hope y’all enjoyed the interview. What do you think about the interview? leave a comment below.