it was about time  i resurrect our regular Saturday interviews. On our interviews you’ll get exclusives about talented Artists from Cameroon. You will get to know them better and probably discover things about them that you’ve never heard before. Some will be fully tensed, while others will be full of surprises and maybe drama , so i thereby urge you not to miss a single Saturday without checking this website. Today on our schedule, we have Cameroons most sexy Afro pop Diva Blanche Bailly. Blanche who is currently residing  in Cameroon is having 2 songs and 1 cover to her Career.  Killa , Kam We Stay and Sawa Romance Cover(Let you go).  Blanche is currently on a media tour promoting her recently released single Kam we stay. In order not to chop off your time i’ll get the dice rolling.

Q. Who is Blanche Bailly? What motivates you?.

A. Blanche bailly is an Afropop Cameroonian artist. I am from Bangante. But while i grew up, most parts of my early years was in Kumba. Lol , My past present and daily encounter motivates me .

Q. Why did you get into singing? which famous musicians do you admire and why?

A. I got into singing because i realised it was an activity i’ve always had passion for. Ì’m only tryna make a reality out of a dream. I look up to numerous musicians abroad and home… but Beyonce is my major inspiration .. her voice, her energy, her performance, her attention to detail and most importantly her songs. She is what i call A FULL PACKAGE !

Q. Who are your top 5 Artist at the moment?

A. My top 5 artists are the moment are Beyonce ,K-michelle ,Tiwa Savage ,Charlotte dipanda ,Coco Argentée

Q.You haven’t worked with any Artist yet, if you had to do so who will it be?

A.  If i had to work with artists… hmmmm Such a long list. I’ll start with Cameroon first since charity begins at home.
Well…. Coco argentée , Mr.Leo , salatiel , daphne , Jovi AKA Mboko god hahaha  and so on and so forth.

Q. What inspired you, when you wrote Kam we stay, was it influenced by an experience you went through?

A. our every day life inspired KAM WE STAY  and it was influenced by other people’s experiences be it family or friends. It’s just an alarming society theme i decided to speak about.

Q. You have been absent from the Music scene for about a year or two what have you been doing? Do you do Music Fulltime? If not what else do you do?

A. i won’t call it absent because i was putting in work behind doors :physically, financially and most importantly musically. I just wanted my next product to be quality . So i decided to take my time. Molo molo lol . Hehe
I do music full time NOW!

Q. Under your Sawa romance cover on YouTube, your fan had this to say I quote **Why ruin the cover with nudity Blanche. No hard feelings #proper_clothing_is_necessary ** what do you have to say to him?

A. lmaoooo . Soteh u di read comments. Fear 237showbiz nor. Lol
Well what i have to say to that person is, i respect your opinion because #everyopinionmatters *wink*

Q. What is your fan base and who do you particularly want to relate to?

A. my fan base are the youths , women most importantly . I’m particularly passionate about female empowerment.

Q. what was your most embarrassing moment? did you ever forget your lyrics on stage?

A. No me o. Forget my own lyrics? wey i di cram men their lyrics after i first listen’am? Lol…. But I guess my most embarrassing experience was some time ago, when I tripped and  fell while on stage in the uk….hahaah

Q. Are you working on any new projects? What is coming next?

A. yeah definately working on upcoming projects. In the studio, steady cooking .

Wow, it was fun interviewing Blanche, she has this smart way of responding to questions. hope y’all enjoyed the interview See you next saturday  for the Next Artist to be revealed soon on  our facebook page. Keep watching and sharing her gleeful visuals for Kam we stay. Watch here