So information from  a very RELIABLE source has it that Music Artist Arré signed to USA Based Label Main Music has been acting like a boss since his video was released and would not want to go do performances or listen to instructions from the Labels Boss(es). It has come to a point where he Will even deliberately turn off his phone for weeks so they can’t reach him, and then later leave flimsy excuses , all he says is he’s sorry he was stressed with family. Right from the beginning his former label said he was difficult and very ungrateful and difficult but Main Musik just ignored it. Our reliable  source revealed to us that,  they got him a house and feeding and lot more of goodies, but for the last 3 months they feel like they can’t work with him no more. And it is at the point where there is no turning back, so they have decided to drop Him. My question is What went wrong?  The moment he signed for Main music, fans were so happy and excited because they knew his career was sky-rocking to a new level, but now this happened. Again what went wrong? Drop your comments below