Reality strikes the C-boyz  as they pull attention from a  group of producers and directors from Hollywood. After a few years of being in the music scene C-boyz finally blows out to the open,it is quite rare for real talent of that tenderness  to stay in wilderness. what the crew of three siblings started has now blossom to a fine opportunity to go higher heights and gain a much larger recognition. Managed by their mum Marie  Ndapqwe  who testified she had been asked by people to chase the fame where it is most likely to make a mark .Well  this must definitely answer your questions as she was contacted a few days ago by a team of producers and directors from arguably the biggest entertainment industry in the world  Hollywood to showcase their talent.This is obviously a gigantic step in their career which opens up the brothers to something new and a lot more different , of course with  their magnificent ability they can pull this off. This splendid news came off at the time when C-boyz would be flying to Cameroon for a tour this  July .



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