Balafon Music Awards 2021! Full List Of Winners!
The Balafon Music awards were held yesterday 16th December 2021 in Douala and as every year goes , the award show was meant to promote and reward the main entertainers who have had an impactful say in promoting the Cameroonian culture through their art.
This award show recognized winners in numerous categories as the award show was meant to celebrate Cameroon Music and every musician promoting the culture while making the country proud .
The Winners were as follows :
Happy dโ€™Effoulan – Best Male Artist of the Year
– Happy D’Efoulan – Male Musical Revelation of the Year
Maureen Forbah – Female Musical Revelation of the Year
Lady ponce – Best Female Artist of The Year
– Lady Ponce – Album of the Year
Witty minstrel art – Best Traditional Song ( Be Proud Remix )
– Witty Minstrel Ft Magasco, Mr. Leo – Artist , Kameni , Vernyuy Tina , AWU SING SONG & GASHA – Best Collaboration ( Be Proud Remix)
Dr. Nkeng Stephens & Witty Minstrel – Video of the year ( Be Proud Remix )
Charlotte Dipanda officiel – Female Voice of the Year.
Cysoul – Male Voice of the year
Phillbill – Music Producer of the year
Aveiro DJESS – Song of The Year ( Le Nyama)
Indira Baboke – Best Gospel Artist
– Nivakine Djmix – Best Dj
Mr tcheck – Special Prize
monique seka – Special Prize
– ManuloNguime – Special Prize
So There you have it, the full list of winners from the Balafon Music Awards 2021
Did your favorite artist win anything ? Which artist do you think deserves/doesn’t deserve to win this award ?
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