Being founded out of a need to foster the unique cultural and artistic heritage of Cameroon, Thumps up is a Cameroonian record label based in Bamenda and founded in 2017 by Rudolf Kiloh,Ernest Shey and Yonka who are generally regarded as Newbellmusic’s orints, and happens to be  one of the biggest and most successful indigenous urban record labels in Cameroon and Africa.


The Decision to leave was conflict free, and was formed due to the  need to provide an additional extra touch to the growing Cameroon industry from a brand new perspective. ThumbsUp brings to life, music, moulded from the rich diversity that makes up the country. Our music is how we communicate. Our music is how we tell our story. Our music is how we identify ourselves. We blend tons of musical instruments, both traditional and modern, to create unique melodies that leave you wanting more. The artists themselves are a piece of art. Talents from different musical backgrounds; Hip-Hop and Rnb,Raggae,Dancehall Raggea,Afro-Pop, Makossa, Bikutsi and Bottle dance. Our passion for music guides us to create amazing music for our fans and for the world. We believe music has the power to bring people together. That’s what we do.   Watch out for New Music coming soon from Thumps Up Entertainment.