To humanity, motherhood is the pit into which the pillars  of essence are cast. To us Africans, it is essence itself in its sacred entity. While everything remains remarkably beautiful about its production, composition  and engineering, this brand new banger from “Daddy Black “in collaboration with  “BlueJay Kings” and “Simplice Guitar” , produced by” Blue Jizus” mixed and mastered  by” Elad Denis”, simply slabs the fact that one’s relationship with their  mother can never be erstwhile. No matter her walk in life, your mother will  always be someone to qualify as the throb in your heartbeat. That is natural,  which makes the use of live bass guitar by “Darry Bass” rhythm and solo guitar  by “Simplice Guitar” , in the song more vital and meaningful. Enjoy and download now on 237Showbiz.

Daddy Black 2