NO 4MULA is a group of artists composed of 4 boys and a lady (Mr C,Ash Travolt,Mai T,Marco Talai and Miss Pish) based in Yaounde Cameroon. They were all, solo artist who decided to merge together to form an unbreakable strong team with thesame dream. The main reason why they came together was because as a crew it  is easy to contribute and build a strong fan base which they strongly needed. The group released their first single titled Botom Bless in 2015. This song got them mad love from fans, which encouraged them to work hard and give birth to their now released song Yelele. As part of their media tour, their song was  played on national Tv – Crtv, music channel Boom tv and a couple of radio stations in the capital City Yaounde . Watch this young group and drop your comments below.