With the entertainment industry buzzing  we see talents flying out from everywhere .It wouldn’t be an over statement to say that we have the eyes of the world now. Yan Dollar is a Cameroonian born hip-hop and Rnb artist based in Cologne Germany  , a lead singer ,composer and song writer for his former music band called “Chinchilerz”, and he also belongs to the OMG production label. Putting together his dynamism and multicultural background Yan Dollar is an artist made for the world of hiphop with a sky high zest and swagger in the game. Dat Azz is one of the tracks which would make you think this hip hop mogul wasn’t made in Cameroon, collaborating with Koroma And Black prez   “Dat azz”  is on  top of the line and can be compared to most of the top notch tracks and video we see out there . Three talented rappers bonded together to produce a crazy hit with a beat that will give you a real sense of hiphop . The video  is  of Top quality and represents just  what one would expect to see from an Artist of this caliber. Yan Dollar has be rocking the game with songs like “Fly away” , “let you go”, “hood star”  and an uncountable number of features and collaborations . The song “Dat azz” was released July 24th 2016 . Yan Dollar has that extra substance needed to be a world super star on and off tthe stage, we need to keep our ears to the ground and  look out for more amazing music from him.

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