The Anglophone Cameroonians are very angry, a series of peaceful strike actions  have taken place in Bamenda and Buea respectively by teachers and lawyers. During the course, many innocent souls have been lost, hundreds of students locked up in buea. All of these caused by the gangster regime giving orders  to soldiers to shoot innocent civilians, the amount of atrocities that have accumulated in the course of the strike is alarming. Innocent Lives have been lost, many wounded and a young  girl raped in buea,  with the atmosphere polluted with tear gas. All of this for what crime? simply because the people want dialogue about critical issues surrounding the anglophone people which is a civil right. Amidst all of the tension from the strike actions, the government still had the guts to organise a CPDM rally today the 8th of December in Bamenda, leading to the death of atleast 5 civilians in Bamenda the capital of the North west region. Music artists are gradually coming out in their numbers to address the Anglophone problem which some  officials in the likes of Atanga Nji are failing to acknowledge. Some few artists in the likes of Kimbo, Dr Sley , Tzy Panchak and recently Emma Mimba have released songs to show sympathy and address the Anglophone problem.  Emma Mimba mentions the struggle what it means to be an Anglophone in Cameroon. The people are tired and all they wanted was just #Dialogue on either  Federation or Secession. It’s tough out here, a moment of silence for the lives lost in Bamenda today. what is the way forward secession or Federation? lets discuss in the comment section below.