Expressing his feelings on the Ambolo’o Beat in Dijay Karl’s KribiWay Beat tape, LOMUDE delves into the core of World’s actuality to bring on a tune which he dubs “SARAMANDO”.

“Saramando” which is a soul piercing tune filled with realism, calls on every living being to give Love a chance in their daily interactions & the relationship with their families, friends, fellow countrymen & world’s occupants at large.

For as he puts it, LOVE is the only way, the only key/solution to every Mankind’s worry, LOVE conquers all & it is only with love that every other thing can be made possible.

As such, Mankind can only conquer every trouble if LOVE is given a chance & darkness which is hatred, racism, xenophobia, jealousy, war, etc are thrown away so LIGHT can shine and shine on for LOVE & PEACE to rule.

Video was directed by Port-Shehan.  Enjoy, Download and leave your comments behind


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