Steven’s Music Ent. announces the release of a brand-new single from Daphne. Already a mainstay in the industry and known for her powerful love songs, Daphne wraps up her 5-part Love story with “Doucement”. Daphne’s last release were two singles that continue to showcase her “Here To Stay” status and introduced the gospel side of her music with the very successful hit single, “Alleluia”. She’s since been on tour dates around Europe, Africa and North America, and there is no better time for her to release her next
big hit than now.“Doucement” rounds up an initial 5 set of songs she recorded with ace producer Salatiel that were representative of the typical love cycle. The first chapter was “Calée”, which was about girl meets boy and falls madly in love. She followed that with “Promets Moi” which was girl pleading with boy not to break her heart as their love grew. With growing love, comes plans for marriage which was the core of the third episode; “Jusqu’à la gare”. We were introduced to the ups and down in a relationship with
the reggae infused “Ne Lâches pas” which was previewed by the special episode release of “My Lover”, produced by Big Joe. When love begins to question and doubt, it starts a slow climbdown to its end and thus enters the last episode; “Doucement”. Produced by Salatiel (High man General),“Doucement” is sure to become an instant hit and a fan favorite. With this track Daphne went all out, bringing out the emotions needed to tell such a compelling heartbreak story on a melodious beat that will make you want to join Daphne in singing “…même si tu veux plus de moi, Doucement Doucement… on en parlera…” “it was so hard recording this song, because of how real it was to me. The emotions were real and raw to the bone. I like how it turned out and I am glad I can now share it with all my fans all over the word” Daphne.  Dr Nkeng Stephens did his magic once again. Perhaps her best video given the acting she had to do for various scenes, “Doucement” . “Doucement” Credits: Composed /Written by Mr. Leo, Produced, Mixed and mastered by Salatiel. Enjoy, Download and leave a comment behind.