Akubai – More of you

Gospel singer Akubai releases her latest gospel tune titled “More of you”. Akubai best describes this song as a song of gratitude to the Almighty God and a longing for greater intimacy with Him.

The inspiration for this song came to her during one of her seasons of trial and was inspired by Psalm 97:5 (the mountains melt like wax before the LORD, before the Lord of all the earth). 

Akubai wants listeners to know that God is good and remains God in all situations. Only his presence can melt the “mountains” in our lives and bring us joy and maintaining a close relationship with him is therefore paramount.

Akubai is actually the 2nd most streamed Cameroonian gospel artist on Boom-play and she encourages all her fans to stream “More of you” which was directed by Jaures Djomou of Niki Heat Entertainment and produced by Dijay Cliff

Download ” More of you” by Akubai below