Some weeks back, CRTV premiered the official AWCON theme song on National Tv, the song received mass criticism from cameroonians home and abroad and was pregnant with a lot of negativity. The song was boring, costumes ugly, very poor video quality and with basically no ambiance just to name a few. In 2016 cameroonians have  seen a drastic change in the quality of videos distributed to the media, be it music or movies etc. For the government to accept something this poor it means something is really wrong somewhere.  AWU a very talented cameroonian artist had to take the challenge to remind the government in the Era we are living in, Adah Akenji did just what was right to earn the love of those who will fight to till their last drop to enable things move in the right direction. This AWCON song titled Our game  is just what was needed, it is a celebration song, the Video produced by Adah is top class and reflects 100% the event at hand. its never too late to make things right, Let’s make this viral. share,Enjoy and leave a comment below.