The ever-evolving state of social media marketing is not always an easy one to keep up with.

Within the past year, social media behaviors have shifted as a result of a global pandemic, new networks emerging, top-ranking networks rolling out major updates, and more.

Alright, it’s 2021 and everyone has their digital presence, be it individuals fighting to create their own identity in the online world or businesses finding opportunities in nurturing their customers over social media. Social media has given power to many small town artists, creators and talents to come out and gain their true potentials and earn revenue.

Many popular artists across world use Tiktok, YouTube to broadcast their talent in comedy, dance, arts and much more to gather followers who in turn become a source of revenue for these creators. Marketing teams in businesses are leveraging social to its full potentials in 2021 to nurture their audience with product knowledge, pitch their product and even use it to announce sales, offer,s and discounts.

Small creators find it hard to get initial 1000 subscribers and relevant watch hours on YouTube to start monetization and that may hurt their sentiments to even kick start their journey. Same way small businesses find it hard to gather enough audience and engagement on their professional content and it leaves the marketing team disheartened as their efforts seem going in oblivion.

SpeedupSMM comes to the rescue.

Idea is to get your content to the audience which will engage with your content and follow or subscribe to you. SpeedupSMM is a free tool that every social media enthusiast and every business should leverage to reach to right audience.

SpeedupSMM algorithm puts your posts, content in the right audience at right time. Just signup on and add your social links as tasks and you are good to go.
Still, have double thoughts on working on social media strategy? Look in the data for social media stats in 2021 and join speedupsmm now.

● TikTok was the most downloaded app in the U.S. in 2020 (89M), followed by Instagram (62M), Facebook (53M), Snapchat (51M), and Pinterest (31M). (eMarketer)

● Clubhouse, the new “rising star” in social media, has amassed 3.2M U.S. downloads as of March 2021, 13M downloads worldwide. (App Annie)
● Organic reach across social networks continues to decline, as the average reach per post on Facebook is 2.2%, on LinkedIn is 5.3%, and on Instagram is 9.4%. (Ignite Social Media)

● The average consumer uses 3-6 social media networks/messaging apps.
(GWI)● U.S. social ad spending is expected to increase 11.4% this year ($40B), and 21.3% in 2022 ($49B). (eMarketer)
● 71% of businesses intend to increase their influencer spending throughout 2021 (Linqia) and while TikTok influencers are on the rise, Instagram is still the preferred platform for brand partnerships. (SocialPubli)
● Daily time spent on social media networks is expected to decline on average 4% throughout the year, with Snapchat being the one exception. (eMarketer)
● As of January 2021, 98.8% of social media users are accessing social networks via mobile devices. (HootSuite)
● Customer care on social media is vital, as 21% of consumers prefer to message brands on social versus calling, and 56% will unfollow a brand that
then delivers poor customer service on social networks. (Smart Insights)
● Of the top 5 social networks and messaging apps in the U.S., Facebook owns 4. (Statista)

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