Knowledge is Power is the 10th Track off Gäelo‘s debut EP titled “This Is Gäelo“. Gäelo addresses a very sensitive issue on this song which is “Knowledge“. When you have knowledge you have power, the rapper pours out some impressive lines as he condemns manipulation  caused by religion and the many churches that manipulate their christians without them understanding the real truth behind their actions. He continues as he throws more light on how the West manupulates Africa due to their lack of wisdom, which is a bad syndrome. It should be noted that the Western media has made us to think all Muslims are bad and are Terrorist, In reality are all Muslems bad?  if i were to answer i will say a BIG no. Loving  your neighbour as yourself is a good way to have world peace. Enjoy this very meaningful piece and share with your friends.

Song: “Knowledge is Power.”

Author: Gaëlo



They made us believe we are different

truth is we’re all the same in this existence

holy book says love your neighbor as yourself

cuz the truth is – your neighbor is yourself

so if u hurt your neighbor you are just hurting yourself

fighting one another we fighting against ourselves

until we all understand this before we shall have world peace

the more wars, the more the elite gets wealthy

they don’t want peace; they are the ones who create the wars

then they make and sell weapons to the warrior

then they sit back, relax and watch people killing themselves

while they making money, they laugh at us like it’s funny

why is Africa so corrupt?

and why do we still have a modern-day colonialism

.. our leaders are selling our resources to the West

.. to make it worse, they still taking orders from the west

you know the rest


[Chorus]: X2

As man open eye everyday

I di wish say I see a better day

But things just di worse na everyday

E don turn be na jungle as e dey



knowledge, is power

my people die from the lack of wisdom

infected by the ignorant syndrome

learning never stops, it’s a continuous process

hard work pays off with continual progress

. question everything, learn the truth for yourself

do not believe the cheap lies the media sells to you

all they talk about Africa is war and starvation

all they talk about Islam is bombs and war… are you serious?


[Chorus]: X2




I might say something which u might be sensitive to

spread knowledge, create awareness is the concept of this song

but it’s unfortunate that religion,

is one of the main thing that creates the biggest divide between us

but at the same time, these religions claim to preach unity

if there’s only one God then why are there multiple belief systems

why does every one claim to be the truth and the others are false,

so who really is the truth and who are the fake ones?

is there really only one path to God as they all claim?

why do certain religious figureheads take advantage of their brainwashed followers?

why do certain preachers stay away from certain parts of the bible and only preach certain parts?

why were over 50 books taken out of the Bible

what are they trying to hide?

why do some religions blatantly belittle women?

they treat women like property or less than a human

why are there little to no women at the highest positions of power in religious institutions?

as u truly know, I didn’t formulate any of these things

these r all facts – these are things that happen on a daily basis in front of our own eyes

I’m simply reminding you of these things so you can pay attention to them and think for a change

until then, the world will never be a better place, don’t even waste your time trying to pray without putting in action

because the God only helps those who help themselves